Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Why ppl are Using Brown DP for Social Networking!


maybe many of us are confused of this situation... currently.. there are lots of ppl in social networking like Facebook andd Twitter are using brown man with eye covered as their Display Picture.! Actually... this picture shows the Palestine Prisoners. Their brown shirts dress is imposed on the Palestinians who arrested. And the small logo at their right means "Shabas" and it's stands for Israel Prison Service.

The actual purpose of using this picture as our DP is for our awareness as a Muslim to the custody that are being held the biggest Hunger Strikes in the world history.. ouh... not Hunger Game oke.! dont be silly! :P  

Eventhough by swapping this image as our DP is not helping them there, but it help ppl to gain awareness about whats happening in Palestine.. at once, we all can pray for them..

*Palestine Tomorrow will be FREE*

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