Friday, 8 June 2012

Selesai sudah pengajian!

anyway! AM really happy right now!!!! Pengajian sudah abesh!! im graduatingggg!!! but graduating my Semester 3 duhh~ still not finished my diploma yet!

tapi arini sangat sangat happy sebabb dah habis kelas.. and tady ialah kelas yang terakhir saya pergi iaitu kelas Islamic Studies... sangat sangat sangattttt best Sir Razi ajar... and not also forgetting.. My Sir Syaukat... Thankyou for teaching me Advance English.. and beloved Miss Nelly..! Teaching me literacy! my semeester 3 class is totally awesome and am happy to be in this short sem! eventhough kne blockk and xleyh nak register sem depan! aaaaaaaaaaaa!!! tidak!!! hahahaha! anyway people.!

Final exam is around the corner...!!! The nearest one is on this Monday! Andddd Immmmm totally prepared!! and i love it! this semester subject is not too hard.! and im sure i'll be a Dean!! :P

but still must work hard for my grammar.! Perfect Tense is totally hard! seriously.! well.. its not really hard actually... but the rules for Perfect Tense AND Subject verb Agreement is way too much! I cant remember all rules.! so it will spoil my grammar.!! arrghh!! I need to work hard on this grammar part! anddd i miss my Miss Eze.! the most perfect English Lecturer!

dun worry! i'll make sure that I Can make it!! and Im sure that I CAN MAKE IT! :P

cheerio people! :)

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