Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Boyce Avenue!

Salam and a very gooooooooooodddd gooodddd eveninng peoples! :) am hepy today! and hepyy foreverr..!! :) cuz i got back my Love! :)

just wanna share withh u guys... i've got new lover..!! and am reallyy love 3 of em!! Alejandro Danial and Fabian! their music is reallyyy awesome!!!!~ and im craazeeyhhh withh these dude!!! especially Alejandro! his voice's making me OmGeee!!!~ I laaarrvveeeeeeeee chiuuuU!!~~~

Danial Fabian & ALEJANDRO!!
but the most awesome songss that they cover is Heaven by Brian Adams..! check it out this song first!

aaarrrrghh!! seriouslyy! got mad withh Alejandro!!! he's sweet btw!! :P

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