Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Guess What??

Salam.. and a very good morning to everyone.! today am going to talk aboout my presentation later..!! wahhh! semangattt akuu lahh sangatt!!~ heeee~ anyway..!

today is my Advance English group presentation!! and I will be the one who greet the fellows for my group! and am really really nervous of course!! huh...! anyway..! talking about english... I dont have any problem in speaking IF i am relaxed.! but..!!! its a reallyyy BIG PROBLEMMMSSSSS if I am nervous at that time! my english probably would be like.. OMgeeee!!!!!!!! whats wrong wimme!!???

but i guess... I can handle it...! maybe! but... am CONFIDENT! yeah! so... lets do it! :P

dah la cakap pasal presentation... Serabut! :P hahahah! anyway! tak pernah serabut puwn actually.! tiba2 aku teringin nak dengar lagu Sexy bitch by David Guetta pulak! but.. talking about david guetta.! I want to confess that HE IS REALLY AWESOME AND I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH!!! I love his music!

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